Q:  What’s the difference between being a Bannockburn Farm Member and just being a customer at
the Farmers Market?

A:  Our farm members get first choice of everything we grow . . .. some products are only offered to
our members (because of limited quantities) . . . .your order is packaged and waiting for you when
you arrive (we always sell out of some items within the first hour or two). . .and farm members
receive special prices on selected items.

Q:  What if I use all my money before the end of the season, or what if I have money left at the end
of the season?

A:  Additional money can always be added to your account during the season.  Money remaining at
the end of the season will be rolled over into the next year.

Q:  What is the difference between produce I see at the local supermarket and its counterpart
growing at Bannockburn Farm?

A:  The average head of iceberg lettuce travels over 2,000 miles to get to your local grocery store . .
. Bannockburn Farm brings vegetables, herbs and cut flowers to the Farmers Market with the sun’s
warmth still on them . . . now, that’s fresh!

“Ten years after the American public demanded that the EPA ban the cancer-causing pesticide Alar,
children are no better protected from pesticides in the nation’s food supply . . ..More than a quarter
million American children ages one through five eat a combination of 20 different pesticides every
day.”  (Statistics from the Environmental Working Group)  At Bannockburn Farm, we grow without
using any chemicals—no pesticides, no herbicides, no insecticides.  Poultry and animals are “free
range” with no hormones or antibiotics added to their food.
Bannockburn Farm
The gardens at Bannockburn Farm are USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC