Experience Central Minnesota farm life and fresh-picked,
certified organic produce for your family’s table!

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grow with us in 2018.

Science has confirmed that the foods we eat and how
they are grown can make a difference to our health.  In
the U.S. alone, more than one billion pounds of
pesticides enter the environment annually.  These
pesticides expose Americans to toxins in our food,
drinking water and the environment.

On Bannockburn Farm, we grow the organic way
without the use of chemicals.
No Pesticides
No Herbicides
No Insecticides

The latest research shows that foods grown without
chemicals are not only more flavorful, but are also
higher in antioxidants and other healthful substances.

Protect the environment and your health by consuming
organic, fresh-picked fruits and vegetables!
Bannockburn Farm
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Did you know that supermarket tomatoes are picked green and treated
with ethlene gas before being shipped 1,500 miles across country?
Bannockburn Farm
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The gardens at Bannockburn Farm are USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC